Tell Me Your Story

If you were to be represented in a book, what would that look like? And why?

Diversity is one of the most beautiful things about the human race. There are innumerable backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, and they deserve to be represented. As an author, I wish I want know more about people who aren't like me. I want to know about their values, their beliefs, and how they celebrate them. I want to know what they love, and even what they don't love, and I want to know their stories - what they've overcome and what they're proud of. I want to know what they hope to do with their lives, and why. And I want to celebrate these unique and beautiful cultures with them, and appreciate the vibrancy and beauty they bring to our world.

Representing people and cultures correctly is something that is on my heart as I write stories. I was taught in college that writers have the responsibility to represent the world as it is, and people like you are part of that. To do it right, I need to ask for help. So, I'm asking if you'll share with me how YOU would want to be represented in a book.

Why ask for people's stories?

I love people, and I love their stories, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, or any other descriptor you could put here. YOU, as a person, matter. And if I were to represent you, or people like you, in a book, I want to know that I would be doing it correctly, free of stereotypes.

What will you use this information for?

Purely research. I don't want anything but your story and your worldview. I won't send you emails or ask you to buy stuff. I'm not going to heckle or fight with you, or share your story to the masses (unless I have your permission to share it). No humiliation, no judgement, just appreciation for your life experience, because it's valid and it matters.

What should I write?

Anything. (Nothing graphic or hateful, please.) Tell me what it's like to be a teenager in this day and age. Tell me what it's like to be marginalized, or a minority. Did you love the way you grew up? Tell me about it. Do you have incredible dreams? I want to know!

Tell me your story! I'm excited to hear it.