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If You're Not Failing…

My dad had a saying growing up that drove me nuts. He said, “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.”

I didn’t understand what this meant until I failed at something and learned that that sometimes all my efforts won’t work. Sometimes, all the things I do add up to…not much.

It sucks to feel that what you get is underserved. When efforts don’t pay off, when prayers go unanswered—what does that say about me? About my life?

The hottest fires I’ve walked through have been scorching deserts where I try and try and try but seem to accomplish little. They’re the times when I ask God what I did to deserve being in a place like this. I fall down, or I get knocked down, and getting up so many times can be painful when your knees are scraped and you’re exhausted and covered in dirt.

There aren’t many options except to keep walking forward. Sowing tears reaps joy. Sowing the hard times reaps times of abundance.

Abundance isn’t always tangible. There was a time earlier this year when few people saw the desert I was walking through. Few understood the pain I was feeling, but the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that if I gained nothing else from this hard time, I would at least be sanctified on the other side. At least I would be able to bend further when the stress test was complete, and my spine would be stronger.

Now that I’ve fallen, I’m a much stronger person, and I’m much better for it. I’m not good at falling yet, and sometimes my attitude really stinks, but I welcome the falls now. I welcome the failures because I know they’ll make something of me.

Fall down. When life kicks you in the teeth, roll with it. Hit the ground, because it’s okay to be on your knees. It’s where you find God, and it’s a great starting point for realizing your purpose and what you’re really fighting for in life.

Righteousness is always worth the struggle. You never know what kind of place you’ll find at the end of the desert—maybe it’s more desert, or maybe you’ll find yourself in a place like home. Maybe the punches don’t stop for a long time—but righteousness is always worth it. Drawing a little closer to God is always worth it.

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. If you don’t fall, you’ll never rise. Sow your pain while you’re on your knees, and then when you get up again, there will be a brighter day.

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