Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a communication junkie with a love for storytelling. You could say I'm obsessed with it, be it through the work I do professionally or through my writing hobby. 

In working for one of the largest global nonprofits in the country, I have had the privilege to work in digital media with a strategic focus in content creation, development, and editing.


Recently, I led the aggressive rebranding and digital marketing strategy for CBN’s YouTube channel. With a high attention to detail, quality control, and focus on optimization, I have successfully grown the audience by 62% and revenue by 162% in 6 months. From publication to metadata to SEO to optimizing the marketability of content, I have spearheaded the creation and implementation of innovative and results-oriented marketing strategies.


I also co-hosted and interviewed guests for CBN’s first podcast targeting their highest engaged female audience segment. I have had the privilege of interviewing guests like Annie F. Downs, Tim Keller, Shiela Walsh, John Mark Comer, Paula Faris, and John O’Leary. Diving deep with authors and helping them strategically build their platform is a skill I have cultivated over the past 2 years.


My current position has sharpened my ability to meet tight deadlines and manage time-sensitive content, including editing, building, and posting multiple articles per day. I excel in managing content for specific audiences and researching how to best serve and reach each audience segment. I’ve had the opportunity to lead the development and execution of new workflows and processes, streamlining our digital marketing and content management systems. 


As the communication landscape shifts and changes with new technology and emerging media, I’m passionate about keeping ahead of the curve and adding value in every area. 

In my down time, I write books. I have a deep love for children's and youth fiction, having written several manuscripts. I follow publishing market trends for fun, edit the books I read for fun, and devoted countless hours of study during my masters program to understand how stories can affect us. My greatest accomplishment is that one of my stories was discovered and is currently being optioned as a feature film by Big Cat Productions.